NICE Angels Meet - Cultural Investor Pitch Day

NICE Angels Meet connects a curated set of cultural entrepreneurs to funders.

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Are You A Cultural Enterprise Seeking Funding?

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NICE Angels Meet connects NICE Angels to a curated pool of cultural entrepreneurs with the objective of facilitating investments into cultural enterprises.

As of now, this is an invite-only event. The first NICE Angels Investor Meet was held on 12 February 2022.

#NICE Angels Network is a network of NICE Angel investors interested in the early and growth stage investment program for cultural enterprises. Cultural enterprises are curated based on, among other criteria, NICE sector fit, growth markets, the founding team and business model. This curated set of start-ups pitch to NICE Angel investors who are ready to invest anywhere from INR 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs to support the creation of successful cultural enterprises as envisaged by NICEorg.

NICE Angels are available to, on a best effort basis, provide mentoring, guidance and networking assistance to the companies in addition to their funds.

NICE Angels Network members will be involved in providing inputs on #NICEAngels strategy, operations and deal sourcing. They will however invest through the #NICEAngels Network.

To know more about the kind of investors that NICEorg seeks to have in its network, please visit

  • Opportunity to meet other NICE Angels, partners, thought leaders, govt officials and service providers across the country
  • Form investment syndicates
  • Opportunity to participate in NICE Aarohana, NICE Aarohana business plan competitions, NICE Mantrana & Samvaad sessions
  • Meet exciting entrepreneurs, industry and business leaders
  • Access at least 25 investment opportunities each year
  • Have basic DD done on cultural enterprises of interest
  1. Strong entrepreneurial and operational background of investors
  2. Willingness to invest money and time
  3. Ability to leverage a large and growing network
  4. Simple term sheet
  5. Quick feedback on the investment decision
  6. Patient capital 

#NICEAngels are likely to invest in enterprises that meet the following criteria:

  • Strong fit with NICE Sectors
  • A management team with vision, passion and drive
  • Complementary capabilities, experience and expertise
  • Brand, market and numbers savvy
  • Scalable business model
  • Differentiated with respect to the competition

#NICEAngels is founded on strong values and a fitting code of conduct – funding cultural enterprises is central to NICEorg’s vision to catalyze Brand India.

The primary deal flow for the network comes through the ecosystem and valued partners.

#NICE Angels Network members may also individually assess funding proposals that they might come across. In addition, they might create investment opportunities with entrepreneurs and other NICE Angels. All such recommended opportunities will then be presented at #NICE Angels’ quarterly Investment Meets as “sponsored” deals, i.e.a member who feels the deal is worthwhile enough to be presented at this Meet and works with the entrepreneur to ensure the company is adequately prepared.

However, all deals will be vetted through an elevator pitch session with NICEorg mentors Basic DD conducted on the companies – GST, Audited financial statements where applicable, IP & voluntary disclosure of legal risks

  • All members present will, after the entrepreneur presentations, discuss and debate each investment on the pitch day or at a convenient time, or ask for any additional information required, etc.
  • Each #NICEAngels Network member will make his or her individual decision on investing in any given opportunity.
  • NICE Angels may decide to partner with each other or with other investors known to them to form an investment group. These other investors will become part of the #NICEAngels Network
  • It is understood that all the money asked for by the company may not be raised through the NICE Angels Network. Those NICE Angels members who have committed or are interested in a company would make best efforts to help the company raise any balance funds. NICEorg will facilitate this process.
  • As a broad outline, it is expected that members will invest in the region of Rs 5-50 lakhs per annum.
#NICEAngel members, when investing in an opportunity, will identify who, from within the investing group would be most appropriate to represent them on the Board of the company (there could be more than one board member) based on the ability to mentor and guide the company at strategic/operational levels as also the availability of time to do so. This will need to be negotiated with the target cultural enterprise by the investors/group.

Any arrangements for any financial compensation, in cash or kind, would need to be agreed to by the NICE Angel investor and entrepreneur /promoter/company alone.

It must be understood that the role of NICEorg is only to facilitate funding.

A cultural business that is profitable and growing while rooted in India’s heritage, know-how and traditions. It has a brand identity and shares the values and vision of NICEorg. It can be successful within a city, state, region, country or even internationally.

Cultural enterprise that fall under our five focus categories, and are seed stage to early stage ventures, can participate in the NICE Investor Meet. Cultural enterprises must:


  1. Be registered as an Indian business
  2. Be structured as either “for profit” or “not-for-profit” or even have a hybrid structure for different parts of the business.
  3. Have achieved success and wish to continue to grow or have the potential for growth in the eyes of the investors.

#NICE Angels are likely to invest in enterprises that meet the following criteria

  1. Strong fit with NICE Sectors, NICE Values and Code of Conduct
  2. A management team with vision, passion and drive
  3. Complementary capabilities, experience and expertise
  4. Brand, market and numbers savvy 
  5. Scalable business model differentiated with respect to the competition 

Team NICE would do the initial round of screening to assess NICE sector fit, revenue & sustainability, addressable market and growth envisaged, route to profitability, besides, the strength of the founding team.

It would also carry out a basic due diligence (DD) on a best effort basis requesting disclosure of company registrations and GST details, Indian Bank account, IP or legal cases pending. This is not a substitute in any way for the legal, financial, customer and other due diligence to be done by the NICE Investor prior to funding.

NICEorg will, thereafter, organize and facilitate interactions between the cultural enterprises and an expert panel of mentors to further shortlist the companies that will be presented to NICE Angels on NICE Angels Day. It is important to note that NICEorg is not an investor, but only a facilitator in the funding process.

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Awards Include: Total Cash Prize of (amount) + Mentorship by Industry Experts + Pitch Deck Practice + Showcasing to Investors and Media Coverage + Networking 

Are You A Cultural Enterprise Seeking Funding?

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