Code of Conduct

Applicable to all who represent NICE in any manner. The Code of Conduct will be reviewed from time to time and will evolve as and when needed.

1. Ecosystem Approach

– NICE will aim to build a robust entrepreneurial culture conducive to the growth of Indian cultural enterprises across the globe.

– The leadership at NICE will encourage the mobilization of intellectual and creative capital that enriches the existing ecosystem of various stakeholders of the cultural economy. This will include knowledge-sharing, cross-sectoral cooperation, alliance building and engaging with the policy apparatus.

2. Good Governance

– The company will integrate its organizational activities with principles of ethical behavior, highest standards of integrity and professional conduct, adherence to rule of law and global standards.

– The company’s goals, values and responsibilities will always be kept at the forefront of its operations.

– The governance process must ensure process-driven output, accountable leadership and empowered decision making.

3. Conflict Resolution

– As NICE increases its presence and expands its operations,it is likely that conflicts of interest will arise over time. All conflicts of interest, including any personal benefit, are to be disclosed, if not completely avoided, to the maximum extent possible.

– While diverse viewpoints and beliefs are to be accommodated, the overarching objectives and values of NICE are to be adhered to.

– Conflicts, when they arise between stakeholders, will be resolved in the most amenable and agreeable manner through dialogue and adequate mediation by an internal third-party actor, if need be.

4. Mode of Engagement

– Inclusivity, transparency, fairness and openness in professional conduct are to be maintained at all times.

– All employees, affiliates, board members and individuals representing NICE in any forum should exercise utmost care in all communication and information sharing, especially regarding matters impacting the organization.

– NICE as an entity will not endorse any corporation, any offering or brand or any particular organization or political ideology.

– Clauses of confidentiality, as mentioned in any agreements or contractual arrangements, are to be adhered to between the stakeholders involved unless otherwise required by law.

5. Reputation

– All individuals associated with NICE are to ensure that any business conducted, formally or informally, leads to strengthening of NICE’s brand value and its recognition as an aspiring apex body.

– No unethical practice or decisions, which can harm the interest of the organization are to be undertaken by any individual.

– Employees, office bearers or individuals affiliated with NICE should refrain from engaging in any activity of any kind on the internet, WWW or social media or, otherwise, that could bring disrepute to the organization.

6. Legal Compliance

– NICE is a not for profit organization registered as a Section 8 company under the Companies Act 2013.

– The company will maintain accurate records and comply with all the legalities, financial norms and modus operandi as mentioned in the Companies Act 2013.

– NICE respects and acknowledges all intellectual property including brand names, trademarks and copyrights and all representation will be used with attribution, as appropriate.

7. Environment and Society

– Various initiatives, events and engagement of any sort, executed by NICE, will be done in a socially responsible manner.

– The Company will strive to minimize any adverse consequences of the company’s activities on the environment to the maximum extent possible.