A mentoring program for a selected cultural entrepreneurs to gain mentorship and guidance from industry experts and business leaders.

For Whom?

Mantrana is designed for selected cultural entrepreneurs in the five focus sectors to help them grow by gaining the right mentorship.

It is an invite-only program. Scroll down to meet the cohort.

What it is not!

Mantrana is NOT a program to handhold or babysit entrepreneurs. It is neither a commercial engagement between NICEorg, mentors, and entrepreneurs.

What does it include?

The program includes a series of group, one-on-one and peer interactions between cultural entrepreneurs, mentors and industry experts.

Program Objectives

  • Understanding of the business model, managing teams and finances, sales and marketing
  • Learning to find solutions to business challenges, have questions answered
  • Gaining clarity on short and medium term business goals.

If you would like to seek mentoring or any other entrepreneurial support, write to us at namaste@niceorg.in, with relevant info on your business, challenges and asks. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and the Code of Conduct.

Before submitting applications, refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Read about NICE Code of Conduct.


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