Terms and Conditions

MantraNA is a three-month program for a selected cohort of cultural entrepreneurs to gain mentorship and guidance from industry experts and business leaders.

This three-month program is designed and facilitated by the Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICE) in partnership with the Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) and ADDA, an initiative incubated by GAME.

This program is NOT about funding. NICE or GAME will not play any part in any commercial arrangement between the two parties.

Entrepreneurs will receive a certificate of participation and media coverage on successful completion of the program


  • Entrepreneurs can participate only by invitation from GAME or NICE
  • Participating entrepreneurs MUST have an enterprise in one of the five NICE Sectors – Health, Wellness and Beauty | Food and Beverage | Fashion and Accessories | Home Decor and Furnishing | Experiential Tourism
  • Open to ONLY Indian companies or enterprises incorporated in India.
  • Participating enterprises must adhere to Values Vision Code of Conduct & Definition of Cultural Enterprise
  • Only the founding team/entrepreneur(s) can participate in the program. If there is a need for other team members to participate, it will be indicated prior to the session”


  • Entrepreneurs MUST submit ALL THREE before the program commences
    • Company Factsheet
    • Business Plan Deck
    • Entrepreneur Questionnaire
  • The information provided should be accurate and original. Plagiarism will not be accepted.
  • The information must be submitted before the due date. Delay in submitting the application may lead to disqualification from the program.
  • For any clarifications in filling the applications, please email at mantrana@niceorg.incc-eing nirav@massentrepreneurship.org.
  • Please submit only ONE application per enterprise


  • Entrepreneurs must show the seriousness and commitment for the entire duration of 3 months of MantraNA.
  • Entrepreneurs are encouraged to implement their learnings from the program into their businesses and growth plans.
  • A program calendar will be shared with all the entrepreneurs so they can block their time accordingly.
  • Entrepreneurs will be expected to give 90 minutes in the session week which includes group mentoring, one-on-one mentoring and self-assessment.
  • Entrepreneurs will be expected to participate in all the sessions. No show will be understood as a lack of commitment. In case there is a genuine reason of absence, the program managers should be informed well in advance.
  • Entrepreneurs MUST fill up the self-assessment workbook provided at the beginning of the session. This will help the program organizers plan subsequent sessions and mentor interactions.
  • Sessions may be added or removed based on the feedback from the Entrepreneurs.
  • A Certificate of Participation will be provided for successful competition of the program.

Mentor Interactions

  • Mentors will conduct group and one-on-one sessions on specific entrepreneurial challenges as indicated by the entrepreneurs
  • The sessions will be held virtually through Zoom. At least one member from the MantraNA team will be present in these interactions.
  • Respecting the time of the mentors and entrepreneurs is necessary. All entrepreneurs should login 10 minutes before the sessions.
  • Mentors may ask tough and challenging questions that are meant to push the entrepreneurs to think differently. We encourage the entrepreneurs to be open in their communication with the mentors and take the challenges in good spirit.
  • However, at any point, if the entrepreneurs or mentors feel uncomfortable during the interactions, the program facilitators must be informed immediately.
  • Mentor contact details will not be provided to the entrepreneurs. If the entrepreneurs wish to connect with the mentors separately, they should do so via the MantraNA team.
  • The MantraNA team must be informed of all interactions between the mentors and the entrepreneurs outside the program

Information & Privacy

  • NICE and GAME’s ADDA will ensure the privacy & security of all applications
  • No personal information will be shared with fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Information provided by entrepreneurs will be used for the sole purpose of the program.

For any further information or queries regarding MantraNA, write to us at mantrana@niceorg.in.