NICE Values

NICEorg conducts itself with the highest standards of integrity, respects all people and the environment. Engaging with the NICE ecosystem implies adherence to these values.

Indigenous and Innovative

Building successful enterprises assumes that the products and services offered via brands are of contemporary relevance while being rooted in traditional Indian knowledge and practices. These enterprises have the confidence to introduce positive disruptions through constant innovations, learnings from around the world, and incorporating modern-day technologies.

Authentic and Diverse

Brand India needs enterprises that are authentic, embedded in India’s rich cultural traditions, know-how and heritage. At the same time, these enterprises should also appeal to the sensibilities of a diverse consumer base.

Profitability for Self-Sustainability

NICEorg believes in enabling businesses that aim to be profitable and sustain themselves independently. The businesses should also aim to grow in a manner that allows wealth generation and distribution to occur in a virtuous cycle.

Inclusive and Impactful

Successful business ventures are built through hard work, commitment, and the collective actions of entrepreneurs, communities, investors, corporations and others. We believe in fostering an ecosystem that creates a positive social, cultural and economic impact and advances diversity and inclusivity in society.