We nurture cultural and creative entrepreneurs

Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICE) is a platform for India’s cultural enterprises to grow and flourish across global markets.

We envision India’s rise as a leader in the cultural and creative economy.


Nurture Entrepreneurs

We nurture cultural and creative entrepreneurs by creating avenues for skilling and business development. Through workshops, courses and mentorship, we introduce new vistas of innovation and entrepreneurship in the creative domain.


Enable Investments

We build a network of angel investors and connect them with cultural entrepreneurs. We enable cultural enterprises to scale-up operations and increase their presence across global markets.


Research New Markets

We develop strategic insights into the cultural and creative economy, through research-driven analysis of global markets and opportunities. This research facilitates advocacy and supports cultural enterprises to expand their global footprint.


Networks and Alliances

We foster an ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs, domain experts, and policy-makers across our various city chapters. We promote knowledge sharing, facilitate cross-sectoral cooperation, and build a global network of cultural entrepreneurs.


Policy Advocacy

We work closely with governments, institutions and domain experts to aid the growth of Indian cultural enterprises. We steer a policy environment that enables India to emerge as a world leader in the cultural and creative economy.