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Chitra Aiyer 7 May, 2021


Normal living during the second wave of the pandemic has been challenging enough, let alone being an entrepreneur. We understand the variety of challenges any entrepreneur must be facing during these difficult times. Not only are we empathetic but are also rooting for each of you to come out of this phase triumphantly. All the very best!

We are sure that many of you are fighting it out, remaking and rethinking your businesses even while dealing with the Covid induced harrowing environment. 

We have put together articles and video clips that are relevant and helpful to any entrepreneur during these testing times. Go through them … there are ideas and strategies for your business, entrepreneurial stories, inspirational people and more. 

All About Business

Being an Entrepreneur During Covid

To plan for a post-pandemic world, businesses must understand what their stakeholders’ behaviors will look like after the pandemic. Some behaviors will return to their pre-crisis state; others will be transformed; and others will disappear entirely. 

Drawing on research into habit formation, technology adoption and behavioral economics, the authors offer a framework to help companies make reasonable predictions on what happens next.

The worldwide pandemic has forever changed our experiences ― as consumers, employees, businessmen, and marketing representatives. If you are still on the drawing board stage and yet to have a solid strategy in place, the author lists eight strategies that you can consider trying out.

The pandemic has changed the lives of consumers and businesses alike. And, with this major change and a “new normal” comes a new way to market to customers. 

To pivot your marketing amidst the coronavirus and help keep your business thriving during trying times, use these five marketing tips.

COVID-19 has changed the status quo for most aspects related to small businesses. Now, to fast-track their sales recovery, micro and small enterprises (MSE) have increasingly switched to digital platforms. Here’s how the different sectors took to digital adoption.

WEConnect International, which educates, registers & certifies women’s business enterprises and then connects them with member buyers, saw some interesting trends and challenges that women-owned businesses face and yet continue to thrive. 

CEO and Co-Founder, Elizabeth Vazquez speaks about women entrepreneurs, what drives them and the challenges they face in this interview.

Featuring Entrepreneurs

Worker Bee Entrepreneurs

Eight Indian food entrepreneurs share what they learnt during the pandemic, in their most challenging year yet. If you’re in the food business or thinking of starting one, read on for some handy tips.

For many entrepreneurs, COVID-19 came as a blessing in disguise. These difficult times not only enabled them to pivot their business operations but also grow their business. Five Indian businesses share how they are growing amidst the pandemic.

Meet entrepreneurs who started a new venture or restarted a business in Fashion, Food, Home, Sanitisation amid the pandemic. Watch to know how these entrepreneurs launched their business in the last year.

Rather than trying to soldier on until the crisis has passed, some entrepreneurs used the economic shock caused by COVID-19 as an opportunity to revamp their businesses or start a new one

Three Food and Beverages business owners in the UK share how they launched a new company or changed their approach entirely.

During the pandemic, some women-owned firms have rebounded by adopting new business models and using digital platforms to take advantage of emerging regional opportunities. Three women entrepreneurs from South Asia describe their experiences and offer practical tips.

Watch the panel conversation here – ‘Pivoting during Covid: Women entrepreneurs tap regional opportunities in South Asia’.

The pandemic has seen a spurt of women entrepreneurs in rural India who have not just turned into savvy entrepreneurs but have also embraced digital solutions.

The crisis destroyed many jobs but also created opportunities. Five hospitality professionals, all women in their sixties, set up a housekeepers syndicate for the hospitality industry. As they say, it is never too late to launch oneself!

Hope you enjoyed these articles and videos and found them to be useful.

Team NICE wishes you the very best to not only tide over the pandemic but also to grow and thrive!

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