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For Entrepreneurs in the Times of Covid – A Compilation by #NICEorg

Normal living during the second wave of the pandemic has been challenging enough, let alone being an entrepreneur. We understand the variety of challenges any entrepreneur must be facing during these difficult times. Not only are we empathetic but are also rooting for each of you to come out of this phase triumphantly. All the very best!

We have put together articles and video clips that are relevant and helpful to any entrepreneur during these testing times. We invite you to go through them … there are ideas and strategies for your business, entrepreneurial stories, inspirational people and more. 

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#NICEStories – Heritage Discovery with Experiential Storytelling at Roobaroo Walks with Founders, Aayush and Anchal

Combining heritage discovery and experiential storytelling! Leading you to fascinating places and letting you in on the best-kept secrets! All this and more at Roobaroo Walks, a cultural enterprise that offers Heritage Walking tours, Food Explorations, Workshops with Artists and Ways to make festivals engaging.

Roobaroo Walks placed 2nd at the NICE Aarohana Business Plan Competition (BPC) – Growth Stage. Here’s featuring them on NICE Stories.

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Sepalika Story from Founder, Sharda Agarwal

‘NICE Conversations’ features Sharda Agarwal, Founder Sepalika

Sharda Agarwal talks about her personal journey that led to her co-founding her 2nd venture, Sepalika, along with Mahesh Jayaraman. The inspiration for setting up Sepalika came from Sharda’s personal experience of suffering from migraines for eight long years.

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