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Mentors, mentoring, mentorship! For cultural entrepreneurs. What must you look for in a mentor? How to find one? What not to expect? And more on NICE Resources!

Welcome to the NICE Resource Center. Under the ‘Resources’ tab, we publish, update and maintain resources that are relevant for cultural entrepreneurs. In this blog, we present a collection of Mentoring Resources relevant and useful for all cultural entrepreneurs.

Please note: We will be updating this list regularly.

1. Mentors

8 qualities that make for a good mentor

Mentors are an invaluable source of motivation and wisdom for any entrepreneur. They act as guides through uncertain and difficult situations and as cheerleaders to help you realize your goals. While every mentor is unique, the truly great ones will check certain boxes. In this piece, entrepreneurs share what to look for while selecting a mentor. Check out the qualities on INC42.

Ask your mentor these 40 questions

A lot of energy and effort goes into mentoring someone. So, if you’re receiving mentoring, it’s important to not take his/her advice for granted. Here is a list of 40 questions to ask your mentors and get the most out of their experiences. See the list on LifeHacker.

What not to expect from your mentor

Finding a mentor, and building a successful relationship with him/her, can be a frustrating experience for entrepreneurs.

However, when you stop looking for what you think a mentor should look like, you’re more likely to find what you need. Here are 5 Things To Stop Expecting From Your Mentor on the Entrepreneur Handbook.

2. Mentorship

What’s the secret ingredient to great mentorship

What are the perks of mentorship? Research from Brian Uzzi, a professor of management and organizations at the Kellogg School, shows that mentorship is indeed beneficial—especially when mentors pass down unwritten, intuitive forms of knowledge. Read more at Kellogg Insight.

Keys to success for entrepreneurs from seasoned mentor Sanjay Prasad

Being successful often means learning from those who have already achieved their goals. Having a mentor is a blessing to any entrepreneur. However, not everyone can find one they can easily connect and work with. #NICEFriend Sanjay Prasad shares simple tips on finding a mentor on NICE Blogs.

Sanjay is an advisor, mentor and is the founder and CEO at MindSphere Consulting.

3. Classes

7 of the best free online business classes for aspiring entrepreneurs

A little education can go a long way, especially when it’s free. Here is a guide to the best online classes from top universities to help grow your entrepreneurial skills at your own pace. Details on


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