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Building a successful business requires knowing not just about the functional aspects of the business, like marketing and finance, but also about market opportunities, developing partnerships, understanding regulations, protecting intellectual property, dealing with and overcoming challenges that every entrepreneur faces. 

The resource center material – consisting of article links, blog posts, interviews, information on industry trends and market dynamics, legal issues, learnings from other entrepreneurs, and the like – is intended to spur our cultural entrepreneurs to further explore issues of importance, as they build successful businesses. 

#NICEStories – Zishta: Bringing Traditional Indian Cookware and Crafts Back into your Homes

Ever seen your grandmother’s initials etched on your mother’s utensils? India has always carried forward the practice of passing down utensils and serveware generationally. Zishta was started by Meera Ramakrishnan, Archish Mathe Madhavan and Varishta Sampath with a vision to revive and leverage traditional wisdom to make homes more environment friendly and holistic. Currently serving over 22 countries, Zishta brings to your homes heritage crafts and cookware from their place of origin. Follow Meera’s journey as she highlights the benefits of these age-old practices, and what it takes to make a business sustainable.