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These enterprises are preventing India’s rich handicraft culture from fading away

The entrepreneurial community has realized that artisans are typically unaware of marketplaces and heavily rely on middlemen. Entrepreneurs, who generally focus on multiple pain points present in a sector rather than the entire sector, have found a way to invigorate the morale of these artisans. Find out about these enterprises and entrepreneurs on Entrepreneur.

25 years of Good Earth: an Indian design story

For 25 years Good Earth has been taking the stories of India’s artisanal legacy to the world. Good Earth, which started its journey with a small team of potters, designers and front-end staff, arrived on the scene at a time when tastes were evolving and disposable income was rising. Meet the women of the luxury design brand on LiveMint.

Social media is giving a boost to the artisans of Kinnal and their wooden dolls

Kinnal, a sleepy village in Koppal Taluk, Karnataka, is home to the eponymous craft that was awarded a Geographical Indication tag in 2012. Many of the artisans are also involved in making larger murthis for the local village festivals, or oora habba, along with paraphernalia such as palanquins, cradles and chowkis.

Kinnal is currently home to 67 families of chitragars, about half of whom pursue the craft. It is enjoying a resurgence powered by an artisan’s Instagram page. Know more on The Hindu.

How India’s artisanal fountain pens are making their mark

A clutch of Indian artisanal pen makers is attracting worldwide attention these days. Indian artisanal pens are attractive because of their pricing, design and looks. Doctors, lawyers, politicians and writers make up the bulk of customers.

India’s pen makers are a motley collection of family entrepreneurs, retirees, and people who have quit thriving professional careers to make money from their hobby. All of them are pen nerds. “Leaky nibs and stained shirts are a thing of the past.” Hand-painted pens are a big draw. The joys of writing with pen never died. Read the story on The BBC.


Images from Fanusta, Rakesh Chougule, via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

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