#NICEStories: Well O Sip – Nurturing Wellness through Simple Sips

In today’s fast-paced world, we often lead stressful lives and make unhealthy choices, putting our  well-being on a back burner. Bringing a shift in this approach, Well O Sip offers easy wellness solutions that promote long-term health through simple changes in diet and lifestyle by gradually altering lifestyles through a shift in diet.

At Well O Sip, the prime objective is to provide natural solutions that can effectively raise the immunity of all humans. The company has taken inspiration from the abundance of medicinal knowledge left behind by our ancestors and combined it with modern science to create a line of herbal-infused products.

Well O Sip has launched Tisanes, a line of herbal concoctions infused with natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. These Tisanes are formulated by experienced nutritionists and doctors to promote gut health and reduce poor lifestyles, while also providing essential nutrients such as vitamins. By working on the gut, these products help to clear out unwanted toxins from the body, promoting a healthy digestive system.

The founder of Well O Sip, Mr. Sivakumar believes that small changes can have a big impact, and the company is committed to providing individuals with the solutions to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Follow our conversation with Sivakumar as he shares his vision to bring wellness over a sip to  make a meaningful impact on the overall immunity of an individual.

Discover the Legacy: Tracing the Footsteps of Sivakumar

Completing his education in 1994, Sivakumar,  gained experience and knowledge working in various fields before settling in the insurance industry. In this role, he provided advice and consultation to his clients, where he primarily focused on the health sector. It was through this work that he realized the expenses borne in health and how diet affects the lives of his customers.


As part of his role in the insurance company, he would suggest healthier options and health-related plans to his customers, but he noticed that many of them would come back saying they lacked the time to follow through with these plans. This led him to question whether it was worth compromising one’s health for the sake of a busy lifestyle. Hence, with a deep-rooted belief in the power of natural ingredients, Sivakumar understood the importance of using the right quality of herbs and implementing them in daily routine.

A Journey of Tradition and Innovation. Our Herbs, Your Health

Well O Sip places a strong emphasis on sourcing herbs of superior quality to ensure  optimal health benefits. Sivakumar noticed a significant gap in the market, where quality herbs were not easily accessible. In order to address this challenge,  Well O Sip  decided to partner with well-known Ayurveda or Siddha Medicine manufacturing plants with lab facilities and GMP certification to ensure that their products are of the highest quality.

Well O Sip’s dedication to quality extends to their range of herbal-infused products. Each product is a blend of carefully selected herbs and spices, which work together to enhance the body’s ability to absorb and assimilate the nutrients ensuring maximum benefit to the consumer in a shorter period as compared to swallowing food.

Well O Sip’s commitment to quality and natural ingredients make their products stand out in the market, providing customers with a natural and effective way to enhance their overall well-being.

Empowering health and wellness for all ages.

Well O Sip believes in creating a brand that is accessible and useful to everyone, regardless of age. However, Sivakumar recognizes the difficulty in explaining the need and benefits for Well O Sip to individuals below 35, as they may not have experienced health challenges or bad habits catching up to them yet. For Well O Sip, the target demographic is primarily 35 and above, as customers in this age group begin to prioritize a healthier lifestyle after experiencing potential consequences. 


Well O Sip places a strong emphasis on educating and engaging with customers to showcase the benefits of their Tisanes. The brand participates in stalls, conferences, exhibitions, and other events to reach out to as many people as possible. Additionally, the brand is wholesaling to pharmacies and department stores that are interested in incorporating healthier options for their customers, which is an excellent opportunity for the brand to expand its reach and make its products more widely available. Through these efforts, the brand is committed to making its products accessible to those who may not have access to them otherwise.

The brand’s focus on education extends to social media platforms as well. By targeting individuals and corporate segments, the brand aims to address the need for healthier alternatives to traditional caffeinated drinks. Offering a healthier alternative, Well O Sip’s products are also formulated to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity of people in the workplace. Overall, the brand is committed to making a positive impact on the health and wellness of people from all walks of life, with a focus on quality ingredients, education, and accessibility.

Reimagining Tradition: Navigating Hurdles to Bring Ayurvedic Herbs Back to Daily Life

Building a brand is not an easy task, especially for someone like Sivakumar who comes from a family of salaried employees and had to take a leap of faith to start Well O Sip. The brand took on the initiative to preserve the tradition of drinking herb-based drinks, which existed before tea and coffee became popular. However, starting a business from scratch is challenging, and the first step is always the hardest, especially when resources like finances are limited.

Funds are needed to keep the business running, and raising them has been a daunting task. Finding the right people to join the team has also been difficult. Well O Sip needed people who understood the importance of incorporating Ayurvedic herbs in their diet as then they can convey this idea to others better. Another challenge faced is to ensure that the true medicinal properties of these herbs are not misunderstood. “There is a lot of misinformation surrounding Ayurvedic herbs such as little scientifically recorded evidence of the herbs’ effectiveness, which leads to no difficulty in attracting customers,” says Sivakumar. Curating the recipes for herb-based drinks has also been a challenge. Our aim has been  to strike a balance between the traditional recipes passed down by ancestors and what people like to drink today. This requires a lot of experimentation and research.

Despite these challenges, perseverance and determination have kept us going. Well O Sip is committed to preserving the tradition of herb-based drinks and populating the idea that healthier alternatives to tea and coffee is possible

Aligning with NICEOrg and Our Purpose

India is a country with a wealth of knowledge and resources, but unfortunately, it has been exploited in the past, leading to a situation where we are now reliant on other countries and adapting to their way of life. We have not capitalized on our skills and resources in the same way that countries in the East have. However, if we use our knowledge and resources to create and support our people, we can expand our skill sets and tap into our vast potential. This involves positioning ourselves better as compared to other countries and using our resources more efficiently and effectively. One way to achieve this is to encourage and collaborate with the various vendors in our country, as they play a crucial role in our ecosystem. By doing so, we can ensure that the country progresses and that everyone benefits from this.

NICEorg’s is a company that is leading the way in promoting cultural entrepreneurship in India. This is helping to create a sustainable future for India, by promoting the efficient use of our resources and knowledge.

NICEorg wishes Well O Sip the best of luck in its journey ahead!

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About the Author: Kyra is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in commerce from St Joseph’s College, Bangalore. A highly motivated, organized and dedicated individual, Kyra is passionate about writing and volunteering for education upliftment. 

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