A nation’s Soft Power is based on the use of three resources: its culture, its political values, and its foreign policies. NICE Friend, Sridhar Pai Tonse, elaborates about Soft Power and the NICE vision in this essay.

Copying another’s work and passing it off as one’s own is, tragically, rather common in the creative and cultural field given how hard it is to prove the provenance of creative works. It is important for all of us to also call out the criminal act of any imitation without permission and attribution!It is time that all those interested in protecting and promoting Brand India encourage genuine cultural enterprises by respecting and valuing intellectual property rights, IPR. 

“India has always been perceived as a Mithai country, but in the …

A new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging to convert the Goan feni metaphor to that of the Scotch whisky one.The word whisky comes from ancient Gaelic that means “Water of Life”. There’s a need for more passionate people with the entrepreneurial mindset to deliver the water of life to the India story and to make Goan feni, mahua and other desi brews as successful as Scotch whisky or tequila!

Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises - NICE will work towards creating an ecosystem with the cultural entrepreneurs being central players, assisted by funders, mentors and experts. We believe that these successful cultural businesses will ultimately help build Brand India.

India is the world’s largest producer of buffalo and goat milk, with …