We recently partnered with the Global Alliance of Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) and participated in the 1000 Minutes: 1000 Stories campaign. Read the full report here

The campaign brought together 1000 entrepreneurs from India to share their entrepreneurial journeys. It has been recognized by the “India World Records” for the maximum number of entrepreneur stories posted on Twitter under a single campaign effort and timeframe!

Nine NICE Enterprises were featured in this campaign belonging to the five NICE Sectors. These included:

  • Tamaala Art:

 Co-founded by Vinay Prashant and Suvarna Kamakshi, Tamaala Art sells a unique range of handcrafted home decor & gifting products from artisans across India to the discerning consumer through a story-telling method. 

  • NuttyFox:

 Founded by  Subhashish BharukaNuttyFox is a healthy snack enterprise that offers clean snacking options using Indian crops for the global audience.

  • AyuRythm:

A digital application, AyuRythm offers pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic biomarkers to calculate individual holistic wellness and lifestyle recommendations. This Ayurvedic wellness app is co-founded by Abhilesh Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Ramanath Padmanabhan, Chief Product Officer, Sandeep Acharya, Chief Operating Officer

  • Nativ Chefs:

 Founded by  Leena Dixit, Nativ Chefs is a multicuisine digital platform for traditional and native delicacies made by home chefs and delivered to customers at their doorsteps.

  •  Sangopan:

Founded by Tejashree Joshi, Sangopan Tendercare is a digital platform that helps moms-to-be and new moms by offering physical, spiritual and emotional well-being counseling based on the traditional Indian system of medicine.

  • Nool Magic:

 Founded by Vidya Raman, Nool Magic is a cultural enterprise that brings sarees directly from the hands of the weaver to that of the customer. 

  • Mitti Ke Rang:

Founded by Amit Jain, Mitt Ke Rang is an e-commerce platform for women entrepreneurs to sell homemade Indian delicacies, craft items and more!

  • Bare Necessities:

 Founded by Sahar Mansoor, Bare Necessities produces zero waste personal, lifestyle & home care products and offers educational workshops and online courses on sustainability.

  •  Art Ed

Co-founded by Abhijeet Prahlad  and  Monika, ArtEd is an interactive online platform that provides skilling and collaboration opportunities in Indian Culture and Art forms.

If you are a cultural enterprise or an organization interested in NICEorg, please write to us at namaste@localhost.

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