Hyderabad Chapter of NICEorg Launched

Feb 15th 2023 Hyderabad: Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICEorg), an organization working towards furthering the growth of Cultural Entrepreneurship is pleased to announce the launch of its first chapter in Hyderabad on the 15th of February, 2023. NICEorg chapters will work on fostering a vibrant ecosystem of cultural entrepreneurs, nurturing them through education, mentoring, networking and enabling financial support in the city (and state). Overall, the chapter would serve as the go to entity for all cultural entrepreneurship support and growth in the city.

The launch of the chapter follows the Cultural Entrepreneurship Day event organized by NICEorg in collaboration with the Telangana State Innovation Cell on the 11th of January, 2023. This set the foundation for cultural entrepreneurs in Hyderabad to get together and work jointly on growing the Cultural Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Telangana.

The Hyderabad Chapter consists of a core group of five entrepreneurs carrying out businesses in varied sectors of Cultural Entrepreneurship. The core group of members are Ms. Vishala Reddy Vuyyala – Founder of Millet Bank, Mr. Madhav Raj Bhatt – Founder of Indigharana, Mr. Akhilesh Washikar – Managing Partner at Tatvaa Arts, Mr. Krishnagopal GV – Group CEO of Access Livelihoods and creyo.com and Mr Siva Devireddy – Founder of GoCoop.com.

Mr Siva Devireddy said: “Hyderabad is at an interesting intersection of Culture, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. NICE Hyderabad Chapter could be a great enabler and catalyst in creating and growing the next generation of cultural entrepreneurs in this region”.

According to Ms. Vishala Reddy: “For Culture and Creative Industries to flourish, a strong ‘place centric’ ecosystem plays a major role. We need to take a creative placemaking approach to plan and organize strategic initiatives at the community and regional level that play a significant role in activating a vibrant ecosystem and a launch pad for culture and creative entrepreneurs to identify talent. This is where organizations like NICEorg play a role in strengthening local communities by activating local chapters. Happy to be part of the NICE Hyderabad Chapter”.

Mr Madhav had the following to say at the launch: “The launch of the NICE Hyderabad Chapter marks an important milestone in the efforts to enhance the creative, cultural and arts ecosystem. There is a great potential for the growth and development in these areas especially considering the rich handloom and handicraft heritage of Telangana. I’d like to thank the NICEorg leadership for creating this platform and I am excited to be a part of this unique initiative”.

Mr Akhilesh added: “Launch of NICE Hyderabad Chapter is an ignition to the movement of spreading the wings of rich Indian Heritage, Culture and Cuisine to different parts of the country”.

Mr Krishnagopal said: “India’s history, at least 5000 years old, gave us an opportunity to evolve strong cultural practices. Whether it is music, dance, languages, food, architecture or any of the 64 acknowledged art forms in India. As machines take over our cognitive functions, it is the creative activities and handmade production that can provide opportunities for human engagement and growth. Cultural entrepreneurship will ensure responsible investments enabling access to global users India’s treasure and innovations on the same. Hyderabad has a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this emerging enterprise architecture through NICEorg’s initiative”.

Ms. Kanchana KV COO of NICEorg said: “The NICE Hyderabad Chapter is a significant leap towards increasing momentum of Cultural Entrepreneurial work in the country. We look forward to growing this niche model not only as a critical lever to grow Cultural Entrepreneurship in Hyderabad and Telangana as a whole; but also spur the growth of similar such chapters across various cities of India”.

With the launch of the Hyderabad Chapter, NICEorg has taken a first big step in accelerating work through a decentralized model aimed at maximizing outreach and accelerating ecosystem development. This launch has also paved the way for the establishment and growth of other chapters / hubs in other cities of India in the months to come.

To know more about NICEorg, please visit NICEorg.in. One can join NICE Hyderabad at Here.

Follow NICEorg at @NICEorg.in, @niceorg.in, @niceorg, Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises and NICEorg

For any further questions please write to namaste@niceorg.in

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