Announcing the WINNERS of the NICE Aarohana Business Plan Competition

We are delighted to announce the WINNERS of the NICE Aarohana Business Plan Competition - India's First & Only Business Plan Competition for Cultural Enterprises! Team NICE congratulates the WINNERS!

We are delighted to announce the WINNERS of the NICE Aarohana Business Plan Competition – India’s First & Only Business Plan Competition for Cultural Enterprises! 

Team NICE Congratulates the WINNERS!

  Early Stage

   26 Feb 2021

  Growth Stage

    27 Feb 2021

 1. AyuRythm 1. Bare Necessities
 2. NativChefs 2. Roobaroo Walks
 3. Tamaala 3. Vyasa Health Care


From more than 100 applications received, 20 finalists – 10 for the Early Stage (up to Rs 50 Lakh revenue/annum) and 10 for the Growth Stage (more than Rs 50 Lakh revenue/annum) categories – were shortlisted by the Selection Committee. These 20 finalists received 2 rounds of coaching for their final pitches.

Our Eminent Jury Panel

final jury

 EARLY Stage Jury Panel GROWTH Stage Jury Panel
 Ritu Verma Kanwaljit Singh
 Suresh Bhagavatula Srikrishna Ramamoorthy
 Naga Prakasam Yogesh Choudhary
 Chintan Bakshi Siva Devireddy
 Madan Padaki Anchal Jain


The jury heard all the pitches patiently, asked insightful questions, deliberated among themselves and chose the winners. We thank all the members for their time and commitment. We look forward to continued engagement with all the jury members.

The winners have been picked on parameters that included Founder Profile & Involvement, Customer & Market understanding, Business Model uniqueness and Competitive differentiation, Financials & Traction till date. 

We look forward to furthering our engagement with all the NICE Enterprises. We see mentoring and various other programs as offerings from NICE in the future – Launchpad, Accelerator, Incubator. 

Thank you, finalists, for making the NICE Aarohana Business Plan Competition a tightly fought and well-competed one!!


The winners receive branded souvenirs, certificates, publicity and cash prizes. All the finalists receive branded souvenirs, certificates and publicity.

Introducing the Winners

Growth Stage

1st Place – Bare Necessities

Sahar Mansoor

Bare Necessities makes zero-waste, eco-friendly personal care, home care and lifestyle products.

2nd Place – Roobaroo Walks

Anchal Sachan | Aayush Rathi 

Roobaroo Walks provides heritage Walks & Tours, both real and virtual, led by storytellers and experts to travel enthusiasts looking to explore Indian arts, culture, history & more!

3rd Place – Vyasa Health Care

Dr.Vasudha M Sharma | Manjunath Sharma

Vyasa HealthCare provides personalized healthcare solutions based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy.

Early Stage

1st Place – AyuRythm

Ramanath Padmanabhan | Sandeep Acharya | Abhilesh Gupta

AyuRythm is a completely digital solution for personalized holistic wellness based on Ayurvedic principles. Their solution works on any smartphone.

2nd Place – NativChefs

Leena Dixit

NativChefs offers a range of premium delicacies made by home-chefs from recipes passed down in their families for generations.

3rd Place – Tamaala

Suvarna Kamakshi | Vinay Prashant

Tamaala, an art studio in Bengaluru, works to bridge the urban-rural art gap through art sales, workshops, and custom-design projects.

Once again, Hearty Congratulations from all of us at NICE!

The BPC was largely put together by many volunteers including the following core group: 

Abhishek Mukherjee, Aniketh MJ, Arunima Gupta, Chitra Aiyer, Sulesh Kumar

Bala Girisaballa, Hari Kiran Vadlamani, Sanjay Anandaram

We thank interns Pragya Joshi and Nishant Manoj for all their support. Many thanks to Koti Rama Prasad for the backend tech support.

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