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Featuring Vivek Prabhakar, Founder Chumbak

Vivek and his co-founder – his wife, Shubhra, sold their house to seed-fund their company Chumbak. Starting with designing India themed fridge magnets to products inspired by India to, today, designing, branding, omni-channel distributing Chumbak branded products. Across multiple categories. All over India. 

Vivek shares the importance of design, branding, conviction and relentless execution and more in these clips. Watch to know of their journey with Chumbak.

Vivek Prabhakar is a speaker in our ongoing NICE Aarohana series. His session is on Dec 9th. Mark your calendars. REGISTER to join us.


What problems were Vivek and Shubhra trying to solve when they started Chumbak?


How did they fund themselves starting out?


How did they raise Initial investment and go to their first production?


How did they go from initial sales to a brand?


All about branding – India theme to India Inspired to India sensibility 


Going from product to brand to design & distribution 


Funding advice to young entrepreneurs


Role models


Entrepreneurial focus! And what it means to be an entrepreneur