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Featuring Sharda Agarwal, Founder Sepalika

Sharda Agarwal talks about her personal journey that led to her co-founding her 2nd venture, Sepalika, a healthcare platform focused on reversing chronic health conditions. The inspiration for setting up Sepalika came from Sharda’s personal experience of suffering from migraines for eight long years.

She met several specialists and consumed their prescribed medications: there was no improvement in her condition. This is when Sharda met Mahesh Jayaraman, a traditional acupressure therapist and health counselor, who helped her get rid of the pulsating headaches of migraine in just four months. This prompted Sharda to set up Sepalika along with Mahesh – Sepalika helps patients overcome chronic problems through simple diet and lifestyle changes, dietary supplements and by dealing with the long term side-effects of medication.

Listen to how she started, her learnings and advice for entrepreneurs.

Sharda Agarwal is a speaker in our ongoing NICE Aarohana series. Her session is on Jan 6th. Mark your calendars. Register to join us. 

Philosophy behind Sepalika


Sharda’s personal Journey that led to the creation of Sepalika


What was the drive to start the business?


What were the initial steps taken after founding the company?


What is the revenue model?


All about the research process and creating content


The pivot – from content creation to treatment


Challenges faced


Tips for entrepreneurs


Funding advice to new entrepreneurs