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Businesses Adapting to the Times of Covid – Tips From Bare Necessities on #NICEShareAndCare

At NICE, we are engaging with NICE enterprises to hear how they are tackling their businesses during Covid. What are they doing differently? How are they adapting? What’s helping them to face the challenges? 

In the #NICEShareAndCare series, we feature tips and methods from NICE entrepreneurs and NICE community.

In this piece, Sahar Mansoor, founder of Bare Necessities shares tips they adopted for their business during the pandemic. Bare Necessities is a zero-waste personal care brand and a hub for awareness on waste-free living. 

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10 Things Millennial Marketers Should Know About ‘MDH Uncle’

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati, ‘MDH Uncle’ as he was known, passed away on 3rd Dec 2020. A generation knows him only as the face of his brand, his appearance in all his commercials, memes and anecdotes. In popular culture, he was a caricature of sorts. But Mahashay Dharam Pal ji traversed a remarkable life journey that would outshine and inspire any millennial or Gen Z achiever of today. A few milestones from NICE Friend, Hari Krishnan, a strategic advisor at CultureDrum.

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