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Vision for Mahua and Tribal India – Inclusive and Global

Since the launch of DesmondJi Mahua spirit and liqueur in June of 2018, there has been a huge national and international interest in the remarkable “national treasure of India, hidden in plain sight” story of Mahua, the numerous facets of which are steeped in centuries of cultural traditions of millions of adivasis, the denizens of the forests at the heart of the Indian subcontinent. Read here an inclusive and sustainable vision for Mahua and tribal India from Desmond Nazareth and Conrad Braganza.

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Mahua Going Global with Entrepreneur Desmond Nazareth

Featuring mahua entrepreneur, Desmond Nazareth on NICE Conversations. Desmond has reimagined spirits from tequila to mahua! Here, he shares his journey, experiences and advice for Indian heritage and craft liquor entrepreneurs. He is currently focused on taking Mahua global.

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