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#NICEStories: KandeeFactory – Redefining Candies the Local and Sustainable Way

The constant craving for candy in India now has a sustainable, healthy and appealing solution – KandeeFactory. Founded to tackle the endless demand for assorted candies that were mostly available outside of the country, KandeeFactory provides a sustainable and fully vegan assortment of candies that are produced using natural and cruelty-free ingredients. Charting out a “local yet global” pathway for their business, they plan to change the way candies are perceived and consumed all over the world.

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#NICEStories: Towards a ‘Haldi’ lifestyle – The HaldiVita way!

HaldiVita is a cultural enterprise leveraging the many benefits of Suvarna Haldi and is using it as the main ingredient in its range of packaged products. The goodness of turmeric spreads across their customers and farmers, bringing a wholesome change. Know this journey of HaldiVita as told by founder, the very experienced, Sameer Gupta.

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