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Mahua in France

#NICEStories: MAH Spirits – A French Tribute to Mahua

France has Cognac. Japan has Sake. Korea has Soju. Scotland has the infamous Scotch. The list can go on but not longer than the one our country possesses. From the Goan Feni, Kerala Toddy, Rajasthan’s royal Kesar Kasturi to the Rice & Wine Beers of Northeastern India and Central India’s beloved Mahua, Indian country liquors are diversely unique. Follow our conversation with Mr. Rahul Srivastava to know how the team behind MAH Spirits is collaborating to revive traditional Indian country liquors with Mahua as its forerunner.

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#NICEStories: Towards a ‘Haldi’ lifestyle – The HaldiVita way!

HaldiVita is a cultural enterprise leveraging the many benefits of Suvarna Haldi and is using it as the main ingredient in its range of packaged products. The goodness of turmeric spreads across their customers and farmers, bringing a wholesome change. Know this journey of HaldiVita as told by founder, the very experienced, Sameer Gupta.

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Required: Jugalbandi in Cultural and Creative Businesses

Billion-dollar cultural brands like Levi’s jeans, McDonald’s, Corona ($8b beer brand from Mexico!), Louis Vuitton, Gucci and so on emerge from the cultural credibility of their countries of origin. It is time that the building of Indian cultural brands occurs. It is time for Brand India to take shape. 

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