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NICE Aarohana

Part 2 – Brand Strategy: Creating a Brand Identity

Some things cannot be fixed with a simple cosmetic surgery, especially a concept as long-lasting as a brand identity. Brands, especially in their early stages must work towards creating a cohesive brand identity.

How can you craft a brand impression for your enterprise? How can your identity convey an experience tailored to the customer’s expectations? Read on to gain brand strategy expert, Preeti Sawhney’s insights as she explains the components of a brand identity.

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Part 1 – Brand Strategy: A Beginner’s Guide

What are the fundamentals of a brand? What does brand strategy entail? How can a brand communicate its story? Follow our conversation with Preeti Sawhney, a Brand Strategy expert (Principal Brand Strategist, BrandRx), as she takes us through what it takes to make a brand healthier.

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