Part 1 – What is Self-Management and How Can You Improve it

Self-management is an essential life skill for any entrepreneur. It helps in shaping you as a person not only in your entrepreneurial journey but also in your personal life.
This article is part 1 of 4 in our series on Self-Management. It is based on the AMA session we had with Coach Cheenu G Srinivasan as part of the NICE Arohana 1 workshop series.

Part 2 – What Does it Take to Embrace the Idea of Self-Management

As an entrepreneur, if you are successful in molding yourself according to the circumstances you encounter, you will have mastered the art of self-management. To fully inculcate a habit, you must first understand and embrace it. Points from Coach Cheenu’s AMA Session on self-managementas part of the NICE Aarohana 1 series.

Part 4 – Self-Care is Critical for Self-Management

Self-management encompasses everything within and around us. Taking care of yourself is an important aspect of achieving it. Nuggets from Coach Cheenu’s workshop session on dealing with challenges as part of the NICE Arohana 2 series.

All About Entrepreneurship with Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula, IIMB

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