Welcome to NICE Conversations where we feature entrepreneurs and industry experts and hear their stories, have them share their learnings and benefit from their insights. Featuring here Anchal Jain – Co-Chair, Creative and Cultural Businesses Programme at IIMA.

Fashion, Lifestyle & Cultural Businesses

Anchal has 32 years of entrepreneurial, advisory and academic experience in lifestyle industries. He was the founder and CEO of Primetex Sarl based in Paris. During his career, he has built brands in India and Europe, participating very closely in complete value chain management in fashion and lifestyle businesses.

He was invited in 2013 by IIM Ahmedabad to serve as the Co-Chair at Creative & Cultural Businesses Programme (CCBP), now a benchmark in lifestyle entrepreneurial learning in India.

He is now the founding partner of Val-More Action Advisory, a holistic end-to-end business solution for Lifestyle and FMCG businesses.

Artisanal Renaissance

“When I came back to India, I was very clear that I would like to spend the rest of my time contributing to the Indian creative and cultural voice being heard … louder on the world stage,” he shares.

Anchal has been passionately active in the area of artisanal renaissance in India. His reflections on Indianness and its power in global markets, sustainability, integral entrepreneurship and value creation at the grass-root level are highly regarded by the industry.

“The renaissance of the Indian cultural entrepreneurship is intricately linked to the artisanal renaissance,” he ascertains. He elaborates further about why this is so and how entrepreneurs must engage with the rich artisanal talent in India.

Watch the clips and hear him elaborate about Indian creative and cultural entrepreneurship and the future he envisages for India’s cultural entrepreneurs.


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