Integrative Medicine enterprise, Wellbeeing, is leveraging technology to adapt to the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic.

At NICE, we are engaging with NICE enterprises to know how they are tackling their businesses during the pandemic. What are they doing differently this time around? How are they adapting? What is helping them face the challenges? 

In the #NICE ShareAndCare series, we feature insights and takeaways from NICE entrepreneurs and the NICE community about how they are adapting to the challenges of the Covid pandemic, especially during its second wave in India.


In this piece, Dr. Roopa Mahender, founder of Wellbeeing shares how they pivoted their approach and used technology extensively to reach out to their clients. 


Wellbeeing is a multispeciality & Integrated Lifestyle Health Centre. Their approach is evidence-based Integrative Medicine where modern and eastern systems of medicine are integrated functionally under one roof, keeping the customer at the forefront.

Dr. Roopa says The pandemic has set the new standards for our wellbeing and living.

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1. Facilitating Tele-medicine

As the situation demanded, we restructured our services to match the need of the day by facilitating tele-medicine and identifying new technology to enable an integrative platform. We also focused more on home services including lab services, Covid treatment and consultation and mental health support, which we had not focused on as much during the first wave. 

Tele medicine at Wellbeeing

With a new faith, we set out with clarity to serve the patients with a multidimensional approach to support and comfort them. We are setting new standards to offer uncompromised attention and service to our clients that they otherwise receive in person. 

Tele-medicine has given us the opportunity to serve those who are confined indoors. 

2. Reaching Out to a Larger Audience

This pandemic has created new opportunities to reach out to larger communities, although we had to re-work our protocols to suit the new requirements.

We created a dynamic website from the previous static one. Our current website ( is more to connect people with the right information. It took us almost half a year to construct and develop our website. The effort has begun to build traction.

Integrative Medicine Approach

Our approach to Integrative Medicine has started resonating with our clients. Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy along with the new age Functional Medicine have a better impact in treating their ailments effectively. They are now open to these options that enrich their lives. 

3. Leveraging Technology – Our New Platform, the Game Changer

We will soon be launching a new platform for the quality services we intend to offer. A unique platform, it will bring the best of professionals from different disciplines to offer world-class consultation in Integrative Medicine. 

Our new connect-based tie-up model is already welcomed by a few well-established medical centers and has paved the way for sustainable and organic growth. The new tech-enabled clinic and hospital tie-up would be our game-changer in the industry. It will provide access to patients across all geographic regions. The potential for scaling-up holds promise and is attractive to our investors, partners and stakeholders. 

We trust this to evolve the way our clients expect to be treated too. With this approach of Integrative Medicine, it will be a breakthrough in the way medicine could be practiced better! Exciting times ahead!

4. Our Team, Our Pillar of Strength

This journey has had many hurdles and little revenue. Sustaining these challenging times has been solely possible because of our dedicated staff and management. Without their strong support, we wouldn’t be carving these new paths at Wellbeeing.

We are determined to remain in service. 


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