#NICEStories – Quest for Balance: The Hello My Yoga Expedition

In the realm of transformative journeys, Hellomyyoga stands as a beacon of change. Their purpose is to make the power of ancient yogic sciences accessible to everyone, creating authentic Yoga experiences.

The founder of Hellomyyoga and the driving force behind the brand  – Shivani Gupta reveals a deep passion for holistic well-being and ancient wisdom. The platform strives to empower individuals to improve their mental, physical, environmental, and spiritual well-being, while fostering a profound sense of awareness.  

Unveiling the Power of Yoga

In a world often consumed by corporate life, there exists a journey of transformation, from a life rooted in boardrooms to one nurtured by yogic wisdom. It’s a journey that began with solo travels around India, where the essence of Yoga and its transformative power were discovered.

During these journeys, Shivani  encountered fellow travelers who shared stories of disappointment—investing in the wrong Yoga programs, being misguided by unscrupulous teachers, or confronting the stark reality that the Yoga industry, though a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, lacked the authenticity and ethical foundation that true seekers deserved. The realization was simple yet profound. In a world where Yoga is gaining global popularity, there remains  an unorganized sector in India, the birthplace of Yoga. 

This led to the inception of Hellomyyoga, a platform designed to serve as a bridge, connecting seekers with the wisdom and guidance they yearned for. Initially, it functioned as an aggregator, streamlining the search for authentic Yoga experiences. The focus was on categorizing Yoga centers, events, and teacher training courses based on factors like time, location, and Yoga styles. Authenticity quickly became a hallmark.

From Struggles to Strength: Overcoming Challenges

In 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a drop in website traffic and many Yoga centers in India shutting down. Adapting to these changes, they shifted their approach, bringing Yoga teachers directly to seekers through digital programs while maintaining their core vision of promoting ancient knowledge for modern living.

In the ever-changing landscape of the digital age, Hellomyyoga encountered its fair share of challenges. As a bootstrapped enterprise, resource limitations were a constant hurdle and they in turn struggled to meet the growing demand for content. In response, Hellomyyoga adopted a solution – welcoming various teachers and practitioners to contribute to their platform, broadening their reach and offerings.

They also encountered creative challenges when expanding their offerings and had to work with skilled video editors. The tight marketing budget presented another roadblock, but Hellomyyoga found a solution in their supportive community, encouraging participants to share their programs with a wider audience.

This journey, driven by audience feedback, saw Hellomyyoga evolve into a platform offering diverse digital programs, fostering self-discovery and meaningful growth. It also gained the trust and support of individuals for its unique and authentic offerings.

Crafting Meaning: Thoughtful Intentions in Action

Hellomyyoga’s approach to wellness and Yoga programs is truly unique. Shivani, who is an avid fan of newspapers, starts her day reading to understand what’s going on in and around the world. This practice helps her understand which programs to inculcate and how to make them  more relevant to the current problems faced by humans.

One such example is the “Unique Programs by Drugless Healers” that Hellomyyoga offers. As a Yoga practitioner herself, Shivani understands where a drug-free healing program can fit in. She then moves to communicating the idea of including such a program with the teachers, who also have subject expertise in it, and aligning it to what best they can offer. 

Some more lifestyle based programs include ‘Ancient Indian Secret to Healthy Skin and Hair,’ and ‘Ayurveda and Tongue’ drawing from the principles of Ayurveda, Dinacharya etc. Hellomyyoga also offers courses for spiritual well-being covering a vast range of topics such as the Bhagavad Gītā and the importance of chanting for a balanced mind. The core commitment of Hellomyyoga is to make ancient Indian wisdom accessible in a practical way.

Our Community, Our strength

Hellomyyoga caters to a diverse clientele with distinctive preferences. The majority, constituting 80%, come from spiritual backgrounds and align themselves with the Indian School of Yoga. Additionally, around 20% of their audience comprises individuals who may not be dedicated Yoga practitioners but share an affinity for Indian ancient science and holistic traditions.

Geographically, Hellomyyoga’s reach extends across the globe, with website traffic from 77+ countries including, the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, China, France, and Germany. 

The age group primarily ranges from 35 to 50, with a substantial 80-85% being female. What sets Hellomyyoga apart is its focus on relatable Yoga experiences that address the stresses of modern life while staying rooted in the rich tradition of Yoga.

Foundations of Wellness: The Principles that Define Hellomyyoga

Hellomyyoga thrives on a profound connection to the ancient wisdom of India. With a strong emphasis on the Guru-Shishya Parampara (teacher-disciple tradition), their programs provide the essential space for participants to interact with the teachers and share their experiences. Another practice followed is brainstorming between the teachers and Hellomyyoga to provide relevant anddifferent programs for the participants. Hence The programs are designed to also understand the experiences (Anubhutis) and there’s mindful curation of the programs (Manthan). This emphasis on teacher-participant dialogue is a shared conviction, ensuring the application of knowledge in their digital programs. 

They firmly hold that Yoga is both a science of knowledge and an evolving process, encouraging individuals to apply this knowledge for personal growth and transformation. This commitment to preserving tradition while fostering personal evolution is a cornerstone of their brand story.

Soulful Engagement: Navigating the Marketing Journey

Hellomyyoga faces challenges in allocating adequate resources to the marketing division. Hence, with a modest budget, they are able to make a few marketing efforts such as offering free programs. This attracts attention and engages participants at a larger scale.

Leveraging the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, their advertising budgets have seen a 50% boost from 2021 to 2023. However, a significant portion of their audience comes from referrals, with 2-3% of program participants referring others, particularly Yoga teachers within their own communities. This being a more cost-effective approach ensures that Hellomyyoga reaches a broader audience while making the most of its limited resources.

Lessons of Light: Insights from the Journey

In the world of entrepreneurship, Shivani, the founder of Hellomyyoga, has learned some valuable lessons. She emphasizes that being an entrepreneur is not just a profession-  it’s an ongoing process. This journey has taught her the significance of passion, persistence, and hard work in any startup venture. 

Drawing inspiration from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, she believes that true success comes when you dedicate time and effort consistently, with unwavering devotion. Whether it’s Yoga practice or building a business, the principles of stability and success remain the same. Shivani’s journey reflects her commitment to the path of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and dedication in achieving her vision.

Shivani is extremely inspired by NICEorg as the platform is drawing light towards the cultural enterprises. Working towards promoting and providing cultural the entrepreneurs with a network and accessibility is very important and as a follower of NICEorg, Shivani sees this happening.

Author – Kyra Biradar

Kyra is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in commerce from St Joseph’s College, Bangalore. A highly motivated, organized and dedicated individual, Kyra is passionate about writing and volunteering for education upliftment. 

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