NICEorg is on a mission to enable successful cultural and creative entrepreneurial ventures that are inherently Indian and inspired by indigenous traditions, knowledge and ingenuity. We realize that this is a process that involves patience, an ecosystem and an organization-building mindset.

Successful enterprises need investments. We invite NICE Angels to join the NICE Ecosystem.

Who is a NICE Investor?

NICE Investors are committed to the process of creating long-term value by building successful cultural businesses. At the same time, they seek to generate financial returns, while strongly aligning with the mission and values of NICE Org. However, they realize that NICE Org is only a facilitator and not an investor in itself.

These investors are realistic, patient, and comfortable with ambiguity. They are flexible with their investment approach and do not expect quick and easy gains.

What cultural entrepreneurial ventures will NICE support?

NICE Investors can consider participating in any cultural business that falls under our five focus categories. At present, our focus is on cultural enterprises registered in India.

The businesses can be structured as either “for profit” or “not-for-profit” or even have a hybrid structure for different parts of the business. However, they must already have achieved success and wish to continue to grow or have the potential for growth in the eyes of the investors. These can be seed stage to early stage ventures.

How do we define a “successful” cultural business?

A business that is profitable and growing while deeply rooted in India’s heritage, know-how and traditions. It has a brand identity and shares the values and vision of NICE Org. It can be successful within a city, region, country or even internationally. It attracts interest from investors, partners and consumers.

How can NICE Investors fund a business?

They can choose to fund the business of their interest either by investing in equity, by providing a loan, by making a grant, or by a combination of any of these methods. The arrangements will be made directly between the enterprise and investors, facilitated by NICE Org, if required.

How will NICE Investors make money?

The NICE Investor understands the nature of cultural ventures supported by NICE Org, and believes that returns will be generated by building successful businesses over time. These returns can be either through redemptions, secondary sales, acquisitions, dividends, repayments or even an IPO in select cases, or a combination of these, depending on the nature of NICE Investor funding and the stage of the venture. NICE Investors envisage a 5 to 10 year horizon for returns on investment.

NICE Org is now seeking the help of "NICE ANGELS" to grow the cultural enterprise ecosystem. Join us in strengthening Brand India.