August 6, 2021 4:00 pm

NICE Aarohana: Defining, Creating and Executing Value Propositions

Defining, creating and executing a compelling value proposition that identifies and addresses customer-market needs and opportunities
  • How to successfully raise funding to deliver on the value proposition?
  • The flow of investments into cultural enterprises
  • What are the unique solutions/offerings of Cultural Enterprises?
  • How to identify and address Market Competition
  • Identifying and understanding what problem is being solved/opportunity being addressed

Vidhya Shankar Sathyamurthi, CEO of NICE asks these and many more questions to Rahul Chowdhri – Investor, Stellaris, Mamaearth | Disha Singh – Founder, ZouK | Arush Chopra – Founder, Just Herbs


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Vidhya Shankar Sathyamurthi


Vidhya Shankar Sathyamurthi is the CEO at Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises and is dedicated to harnessing the Entrepreneurial, Cultural and Creative Energy of India while building an ecosystem of Cultural Entrepreneurs, Investors and Mentors thereby impacting the Creative MSMEs towards sustainable growth

Arush Chopra

Founder, Just Herbs

Arush Chopra is the CEO and Co-founder of Just Herbs – an internet driven, vertically integrated organic & Ayurvedic Skincare brand.

Disha Singh

Founder, ZouK

Disha Singh is the founder of ZouK, an online fashion brand that celebrates Indian handcraft fabrics while being a 100% PeTA approved Vegan brand.


Rahul Chowdhri

Investor, Stellaris, Mamaearth

Rahul Chowdhri is an Investor at Stellaris Venture Partners, an early-stage tech VC in India looking for fearless entrepreneurs to solve problems for a billion Indians


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