NICE Entrepreneurs

NICE Entrepreneurs are leaders who are passionate about creating successful businesses that reflect India’s cultural ethos, indigenous traditions, practices, and artistic prowess.

They are motivated, empowered, accountable, comfortable with ambiguity and confident enough to change the status quo whenever needed.

They demonstrate high integrity, have respect for people and the environment, are conscious of and honor fiduciary responsibilities and obligations.

They learn from others, the market and from their own mistakes, and are unafraid to ask for help and guidance.

They lead the larger creative community and are committed to strengthening India’s cultural and creative economy.



As people around the world adapt to healthier and conscious life choices, the demand for products and services that are meaningful and transformative is rising exponentially. NICEorg realizes that this demand can be addressed by tapping into the economic potential of India’s millennia-old heritage and traditions. Or, in other words, by strengthening India’s cultural and creative economy.

NICEorg is a unique platform for young enterprises, rooted in India’s cultural heritage while having an innovative and strategic business outlook, to grow and flourish across global markets.

To accomplish this, we have adopted an ecosystem approach to nurturing our entrepreneurs who are ambitious to build authentic Indian brands across our focus categories. Here’s what we do:



Nurture cultural enterprises, rooted in Indian heritage, traditions, indigenous know-how and practices.


Connect entrepreneurs with investors, mentors, industry experts, service providers and partners.


Accelerate learning through workshops and training for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.


Develop insights into markets and build a Resource Center for entrepreneurs to take informed decisions.


Create forums for entrepreneurs to meet, share, collaborate with each other and other parties.


Foster a network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, cultural experts and policy-makers for cross-sectoral collaboration.

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If you are a cultural entrepreneur in the five focus categories and seeking guidance to grow your business, write to us at

Focus Categories
Health, Wellness, and Beauty | Food and Beverages | Home Decor and Furnishings | Fashion and Accessories | Experiential Tourism